We have a new postdoc, Dr. Brett Addison. Now

things are rolling along nicely!  

Kepler Astrometry

    We were funded. We tried. We published. 

    Benedict, G. F. et al. (2014) 

M dwarf Infrared RV Planet Searches

     Still working on it. Testing whether Phoenix@KPNO or ARIES@MMT can reach 50 m/s precision with telluric calibrations and upgrades to CSHELL@IRTF and NIRSPEC@Keck are in the works with results to be published soon (PI, Plavchan).

     Plavchan et al. (2013a)

     Plavchan et al. (2013b) 

     Tanner et al. (2012)

     Bailey et al. (2012)

Direct Imaging

     I am a member of the TMT ISDT in which I have an interest in its capability for direct imaging of nearby planets. Also, the Starchive will include high contrast images. My research group is involved in a Robo-AO project to study the multiplicity of nearby stars (Ray, PI). 

     Dieterich et al. (2012) 

     Tanner et al. (2010) 

     Tanner et al. (2007)


RECONS Astrometry

     As a member of the RECONS group I am utilizing their astrometry to study the orbital properties of a nearby low-mass star + brown dwarf binary. Stay tuned! 

Debris Disks

     I have contributed to a number of research programs which have discovered and resolved debris disks around nearby stars with the Spitzer and Herschel space telescopes. 

     Beichman et al. (2011)

     Krist et al. (2010)

     Tanner et al. (2009)

     Bryden et al. (2009)

Census of Nearby Stars

     My research group is completing a literature search of brown dwarf companions and field brown dwarfs in the local stellar neighborhood (Ramos, PI). 

     Tanner et al. (2015) 

     Stauffer et al. (2010) 

Stellar Variability as it Relates to Exoplanet Surveys

     My research group is studying the photometry of nearby M dwarfs from CTIO/SMARTS, Mearth and Kepler to determine the photometric precision available with these programs and whether photometry can be used as a predictor of RV jitter for nearby M dwarfs. 

    Clarke et al. (2015) 

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